Warehousing - Warehouse Operation Manager

6 months ago | Las Vegas, NV

Position overview:

Position responsible for directing the daily activities of the warehouse:

  • Labor scheduling and supervision
  • Proper utilization of space, resources, and equipment
  • Financial performance of the facility
  • Safety and security of property, equipment, and people




  • Plan and schedule all warehouse services, including receiving, storing, handling, shipping, return/damaged goods, maintenance, and administrative activities to ensure customer requirements are met.
  • Capture data daily; maintain content and format weekly
  • Ensure current and accurate inventory control for each customer account
  • Ensure that customer orders are picked and shipped efficiently, accurately, and within deadline
  • Develop and implement effective receiving operation that delivers accurate put-away and inventory accuracy within cost constraints
  • Ensure effective and efficient utilization of storage space
  • Deliver targeted financial results on annual basis

Labor Management 

  • Oversee job assignments and assign specific activities by employee name
  • Direct warehouse personnel to achieve prescribed objectives
  • Develop and maintain productive work team by creating programs for hiring, training, and professional development
  • Match skill and background of employee to workload
  • Apply sound communication and motivational techniques
  • Create programs to coach, discipline, and reward employees
  • Maintain appropriate performance evaluation system; recommend promotions, wage increases, and terminations


  • Ensure accurate and timely preparation, processing, distribution, and retention of all necessary reports and records regarding warehouse operations
  • Responsible for keeping track of daily, weekly and monthly expenses. The expenses are tracked on an expense tracker and used to invoice the customer at the end of the month.


  • Monitor cleanliness and working condition of all equipment
  • Oversee adjustments and repairs
  • Work with safety department to develop, implement, and direct programs to ensure the safety of all personnel, property, and equipment
  • Provide safety instruction to personnel as needed
  • Load, unload, stack, and otherwise move product and materials using a fork truck, clamp truck, or other material handling equipment as needed

Housekeeping and Security  

  • Manage programs to ensure tools and equipment are stored in designated areas
  • Schedule cleaning and maintenance of equipment
  • Store product in nice, neat rows within prescribed (painted) inventory locations
  • Maintain strict pest and rodent control
  • Ensure compliance with appropriate local, states, and federal regulations
  • Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the facility
  • Assist manager – ensuring facility, employees, and product are secure
    • Conduct regular instruction in good security practices


  • Continuously maintain a courteous and professional relationship with all customers
  • Audit operations to ensure service and performance standards are met
  • Establish customer relations training for all front-line personnel
  • Work with all other internal departments to ensure overall effectiveness of the operation


Required skills: 


  • College degree required OR equivalent work experience
  • Prefer business, supply chain, materials, or logistics curriculum



  • Three to five years of management experience with minimum of three years of management experience in 3PL environment
  • Demonstrated management experience in a 5-15 person, one shift, small footprint facility


Knowledge and Skills

  • Broad knowledge of warehouse operations and WMS technology
  • Familiarity with inventory control concepts and material handling equipment
  • Effective communication and listening skills
  • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office applications, including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, and MS PowerPoint
  • Deep understanding of relationship between revenue, expense, and profitability
  • Demonstrated record of delivering profit
  • Must demonstrate responsible work habits and satisfy pre-employment requirements, including background check and drug screen


Environmental and physical requirements

  • Duties include administrative functions involving use of telephone and computer
  • Communication with people
  • Must be able to sit a minimum of eight (8) hours per day, perform keyboard operations a minimum of six (6) hours per day, and must be able to stand/climb stairs as required
  • Position may be exposed to heavy duty tractors and trailers, gas and diesel engines, maintenance areas, shipping and receiving docks, material handling equipment, warehouse personnel, and OTR drivers
  • Moderate travel time; 20%

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