Cheers for Peers April 2021


David Franks is a team player! Everyone on his team enjoys working with him. He jumps in and helps whenever it is needed and maintains a positive attitude no matter how busy the day gets. David provides daily support and guidance on warehouse functions that help increase efficiency and eliminate down time and that has earned him the L-Lead by Example award.

Jennifer Nicholson has received both her first and second nomination in a short time. She is a confident and self-motivated team player. In her inventory control position, Jennifer has taken time to train others on the step-by-step procedures for the scanning guns and encourages the staff to use this knowledge as they check orders. Recently she has been to other warehouse sites to assist with inventory issues and provide her expertise. Jennifer is very deserving of both the E – Empowerment and Accountability award as well as the V- Value Everyone award for her efforts.

Mark Lawson leads his team with the core values at the center. He encourages everyone to make decisions based on integrity and critical thinking based on the training and success models that have been set up since day one. His team members feel supported and appreciate his thoughtful leadership. We are proud to present him the E-Empowerment and Accountability award.

Laiken Osborne recently went above and beyond her normal accounting duties to help the warehousing team in Wisconsin with a time sensitive licensing application that could have temporarily halted shipping of medical supplies to an entire state. Additionally, she received a second nomination for setting up a virtual training and Q&A to help management understand financials from an accounting perspective and encouraging them to learn another perspective of how our business works. The team in Wisconsin and beyond thanks Laiken for this effort and she has earned the V-Value Everyone and I-Integrated Solutions award.