Our Values

Our Core Values

Core values embody the heart of our identity and are the guiding principles that support our vision, shape our culture, and define our standards. To be successful, core values must be our highest priority. No doubt when you see our values, you’ll notice that the first letter of each core value spells the word DELIVER, because Brown is “The Family that Delivers.”

The Family that Delivers

Dedicated to Safety & Integrity | Empowerment & Accountability | Lead by Example | Integrated Solutions | Value Everyone | Encourage Quality & Creativity | Results Matter |

Sustainability & Diversity

We are working to improve our supply chain by collaborating with providers to achieve our commitment to sustainability. Our policies include, but are not limited to: our Supplier Sustainability Policy, our Code of Business and Ethics Policy, our Compliance and Ethics Hotline and our Human Rights Policy.

BIL Sustainability.pdf

Brown Integrated Logistics Human Rights Policy.pdf

Brown Integrated Logistics Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.pdf

Brown Integrated Logistics Compliance and Ethics Hotline.pdf

Brown Integrated Logistics Supplier Sustainability Policy.pdf

Our Mission Statement

A mission statement briefly summarizes why an organization exists – ours is deeply rooted in our core values. We lead by example to respect and value our employees, contractors, customers and communities, and by doing so, encouraging accountability, empowerment and teamwork. We do play to win – and we do it safely, honestly, and fairly.


Build Partnerships | Bridge Solutions | Bolster Success