Reliable Solutions that Solve Your Logistics Challenges

Brown Trucking provides a diverse range of truckload contract services including regional and long haul transportation with dedicated capacity options. We also provide overflow and seasonal demand support. We work with customers to solve complicated transportation and logistics challenges and deliver consistent on-time results.


Bringing all the pieces together to fulfill your transportation needs

Brown Trucking delivers unparalleled, innovative and dedicated solutions. Our contract services include data analysis, load plan design, implementation and execution of strategic end-to-end transportation solutions.

Services and Solutions

Our team is committed to solving logistics challenges and to creating customized flexible transportation solutions that meet your needs. Customers all over the Southeast trust us with their business because of our superior service and can-do-attitude.


Regional and Long Haul Truckload

With 12 terminals and 19 driver domiciles, we are able to offer regional same-day delivery within the Southeast. We have the capacity you need, when you need it.

Trailer Spotting and Yard Management

We provide efficient drop and hook services, yard management optimization services, and shuttle trailers between plants and warehouses.


Dedicated Truckload Capacity

Customers enjoy all the benefits of a private fleet without the headaches. Brown Trucking offers guaranteed capacity options that drive improved on-time performance and higher customer satisfaction. We can ensure that your shipments keep moving in times of tight capacity.

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Private Fleet Conversions

We provide the drivers, spotters, dispatchers maintenance, fueling, management, and the equipment required so that you get the best service and price. We can also take over your lease obligations or assets, and run a dedicated fleet operation.


Information Services

Our information services are industry leading. Brown Trucking utilizes network optimization tools to maximize asset utilization. We also provide automated notification of pickup, departure, ETA, and delivery.