Cheers for Peers April 2021


It is no surprise to anyone that Arnie Figueroa has been nominated not only for his second, but third award. Arnie shows a high level of energy and a deep understanding of what every CVO needs to be success. His attention to detail continues to inspire new CVOs, as well as his coworkers in Raleigh and beyond. He puts forth an immense amount of effort in training and orientation, all with an amazing attitude and we cannot think of a more deserving recipient of the L- Lead by Example and V- Values Everyone award.

Mone Yelverton may have already earned the Dedicated to Safety award, but she continues to display that quality every day. Recently, she even shared her commitment to safety with an outside vendor that entered the warehouse for maintenance and insisted on their use of harnesses while on a lift and ensured proper procedures were being followed. Mone did an outstanding job enforcing her safety training with others and has earned the V-Value Everyone award.

Jeremy Cannon has many responsibilities as a terminal manager, but he goes above and beyond to communicate, educate, and ensure that our CVOs are accountable for safety. He takes pride in our safety culture and explains our safety requirements in detail to the CVOs to make sure everyone has a deep understanding of the importance of safety. Jeremy is a true advocate for the safety team and is the recipient of the D-Dedicated to Safety & Integrity award.

Carmen Vargas comes to work everyday with her mindset being to accomplish more than she did the day before. This helps her be prepared to complete her tasks safely and efficiently while helping others and her supervisors. Carmen is a prime example of excellence and has earned the V-Value Everyone award.