Cheers for Peers April 2021


Not only does Tricia Prestridge Lead by Example, but her coworkers have taken note of her ability to go above and beyond with any issue presented to her. She has solved countless billing or driver pay snags, but she does so in a timely manner, which is crucial in her department! We are pleased to present her second award, the R-Results Matter award.

Safety Manager Willie Cooke is the definition of dedicated. He recently took personal time to help with an immediate need for forklift certification. By making this request a priority, he helped his coworkers immensely and alleviated peak season stress for the staff and allowed them to keep working seamlessly. He has earned the L-Lead by Example award.

Since Harriet Scott joined the IT team, she has worked closely with the warehousing division and they have noticed her dedication to solving any problem that may arise. Recently, a minor printing problem was casually mentioned, and the very next day, she had found the solution and improved the process for that location without a formal request. Harriet observed a need, addressed it promptly, and has earned the I-Integrated Solutions award.

Mark Bridges is the detail-oriented employee that every team needs! He is diligent on following guidelines and improving processes for everyone. He always brings up concerns and follows up to make sure the team is following the 5 S’s. His hard work has earned him the L-Lead by Example award.