Cheers for Peers - August 2020


Bonnie Oakley plays a key role in making sure that potential new CVOs who are being hired meet the rigorous qualifications to provide safe and dependable service to Brown.  She does so with integrity and a team spirit, always following up on critical items with the orientation managers.  She respects others’ time, and by doing so, values her entire team.  Her workmanship ensures our CVOs are getting their best possible start at Brown!  Bonnie was awarded D-Dedicated to Safety and Integrity.

We hear this time and time again – Wanda McCarty greets everyone with respect and always goes the extra mile to be sure Brown and its employees and contractors get what they need to get things done.  Not surprisingly, this is Wanda’s second nomination and she received her second disc for R-Results Matter.

We don’t normally announce the nominator’s name but Carol Napolitano’s nomination is important because she felt strongly enough about this recommendation to raise the idea of a peer recognition program to the CEO!  Megan Meadows-Winkler has a high expectation for accuracy and achieving the right results.  In order to do that, she is always willing to go above and beyond and encourages others to do the same.  Megan always works to achieve what is best for Brown!  Megan was awarded the R-Results Matter award.

On February 12th, Jimmy Ogletree’s actions may have saved a life – after receiving a call from Robert Sowell that he was inbound to the terminal and experiencing chest pain, Jimmy immediately contacted 911 and had an ambulance on scene in minutes to transport Robert to Emory.  Brown and Robert are thankful for Jimmy’s fast action and for this, he was awarded the L-Lead by Example award!