Cheers for Peers February 2021


Dylan McIntire has an infectious personality that practically screams customer service.  He has a positive, can-do attitude to resolve any problem that arises.  And while all of this makes Dylan a delightful coworker, it also garners him the attention of demanding customers.  It’s a pleasure to award Dylan the V- Value Everyone core value award.

Jessica McKinley has a track record for going above and beyond with our customer. Our customer has commended her for her hard work on projects that impact the quality provided to THEIR customers! She did so with a positive attitude and was always willing to help We are glad to add V-Value Everyone to her award stack.

Arnie Figueroa exhibits an unbelievable attention to detail in his role of orientation and training manager!  He not only gets new CVO’s off on the best start possible, but he guides them on the road to safety and success.  Coming from a driving background himself, he knows firsthand the dangers that can await a CVO, and he works tirelessly to provide training and insight.  We are pleased to present Arnie with the Dedicated to Safety and Integrity award!

Donna Benegas really exemplifies each of the core values, but L-Lead by Example fits her best. She respects the entire team, works hard to ensure her job is completed to the best of her ability, knows the core values and works to make sure her coworkers do as well.