Cheers for Peers February 2021


Kiera Jenkins is a prime example of the recipient of the V-Value Everyone award. She hosts the ‘Morning Stretch’ and joyfully leads her peers in a series of small exercises every morning. She takes extra time to look for new stretches and challenges that bring a lot of fun to each day. Her encouragement and positive energy boosts the team morale as she leads the group with a smile.

When you want something done, and done well, Carlos Maisonet Rios is your man!  He never sees anything as too small to merit his attention, nor is he daunted by the difficult or complex – he just sees them all as opportunities to make things better while encouraging others to be their best selves.  Carlos’ commitment to quality and his creativity to finding solutions are what earns him the E-Encourage Quality and Creativity award!

Based on the number nominations that she received, it is clear we have a natural leader who can inspire in our midst. Huley Ayalew is lauded as being respectful to coworkers, having an amazing attitude, always willing to help anyone, and shows tremendous initiative and resourcefulness. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Huley is well deserving of the L-Lead By Example award!

Will Canada takes inventory control to a new level that has earned him the attention of his coworkers and customers – as a matter of fact, GP recently said that the transition to Kiwi was the best planning and execution they had seen - thanks to Will. And he doesn’t just confine himself to the Spartanburg operation – he reaches out to help other divisions to provide guidance and advice. Will’s dedication, willingness to improve operations, and expertise has made him a clear choice for the L-Lead By Example award!