Cheers for Peers January 2021


Barrett Parker sees every challenge as an opportunity and thinks outside the box to find the best possible solutions for customers and coworkers. When a customer takes the time to reach out and call you a ‘Rock Star’ we all take notice and are pleased to recognize Barrett’s commitment with the V-Value Everyone award.

Linda Chapman has been with Brown Trucking in Ooltewah for over 17 years and everyone knows she is a smart, hard-working person you can always go to for help or guidance and who always goes the extra mile for anyone! She does her job meticulously, often working long hours and yet she always has time to make sure that your needs are met without complaint or criticism – one of the best examples of someone who deserves a V-Value Everyone that we can think of!

No matter how much she has on her plate, and it is a very full plate – Tricia Prestridge always goes above and beyond – showing great competency in her own responsibilities, always helping others throughout the company, and all the while, projecting a great attitude with the upmost courtesy. Tricia, you have our appreciation for being a hallmark of L - Leading By Example.

Carlos de la Vega is well regarded as a man who will always go out of his way to help his coworkers but he always does so with safety in mind. One example of this was when a load of inbound stacked product fell onto other products and he jumped in to help unload and restack all of the pallets and nary a thing was damaged. For his dedication and commitment, Carlos is awarded the D-Dedication to Safety and Integrity award!