Cheers for Peers - July 2020


Krystianna Lugo received the Dedicated to Safety and Integrity award.  Krystianna has shown determination to improve safety protocols in Newark, and by doing so they have gone  from being the highest worker’s comp incident facility, to more than four months and counting without a lost-time incident.  Additionally, her keen eye for improving processes and quality have caused her to be recognized by United Airlines top provisioning management.  Krystianna’s leadership and dedication are greatly appreciated and acknowledged at Aviation Logistics.  

Jocelyn Condo was nominated, but not for a specific value.  The committee believes her nomination strongly speaks to the Value Everyone core value.  Jocelyn is the face of Aviation Logistics in Newark!  She is the first person to welcome new employees and guide them through the new hire process and badging.  She takes responsibility making sure everyone gets a complete and thorough orientation, and follow up, and does so with the utmost respect as she values all employees and makes sure they have a voice.  In a busy, 24/7, time-sensitive environment, Jocelyn always takes the time to make sure people knows she cares.  Jocelyn will be awarded the V-Value Employees, Contractors, Customers, and our Communities.