Cheers for Peers June 2021


Barrett Parker helps bridge the gap between fleet management and planning for success between the two that impacts our CVOs daily. As he plans loads, he explains to the fleet managers the why behind the plan and the things fleet managers can do to assist in load planning. Additionally, he listens to the fleet managers regarding the CVO requests and helps build the most successful loads for each CVO. His efforts have earned him the I-Integrated Solutions award.

Asia Kalis recently gave her spare time to help a coworker who was discouraged with a change in their systems. She provided help, walking through the process, but also clarified the instructions and coached her coworker through the process. She did this with kindness and patience and has earned the V - Value Everyone award.

Mark Bridges has taken ownership of a new account and goes above and beyond the call of duty and holds himself accountable for the quality of service received by our customer. He has caught minor discrepancies and has used creative, critical thinking to help provide solutions to unforeseen challenges. His actions have earned him the E - Encourage Quality & Creativity award.

Kesley Wesne is in all-star teammate. She has a positive outlook and helps everyone adjust and adapt to the unforeseen changes that arise in a warehouse environment. She is steps in and works with other employees that may be falling behind and her peers have noticed the example she sets. She has earned the L - Lead by Example award.