Cheers for Peers June 2021


Sidney Wylie adds to his awards stack with a V-Value Everyone award! Recently after a new installation of dock plates at his location, a few CVOs mentioned that it was difficult to back trailers without lines at these dock doors. Once Sidney heard this, he took action! He located tools for the job and notified his supervisor and immediately implemented lines to help the CVOs center trailers at the docks.

Long before the Cheers for Peers program Jessica Broom was setting the standard for a positive work environment by recognizing individual performers and celebrating team success. Her site is frequently recognized for the daily start up meetings that Jessica coordinates which often include safety presentations from her associates, stretching exercises and more. Her team is highly recognized in the Cheers for Peers program because of Jessica’s leadership and the culture she fosters daily. We are honored to present her the L - Lead by Example award.

Miguel Valencia is a strong leader, and his team relies on his supervisory skills and knowledge daily. His team has praised his ability to illustrate how to complete tasks and explain things simply, in a step-by-step manner. This allows the employees to have a full understanding of the tasks and increases their knowledge and confidence. For this, Miguel has earned the E-Empowerment & Accountability award.

Tom Matelski’s actions on a particularly stressful day recently has earned him the R - Results Matter award. Our customer had a system error, and it caused a delay of almost an entire workday. Tom asked if he could stay, then went to each of his teammates to help them completed whatever they were working on to ensure the shipments went out on time.