Cheers for Peers June 2021


Marcia Frasure lends a helping hand to her neighboring locations on multiple occasions to help onboard new accounts. She has not only offered her time and skills but has sent employees to help serve new customers. Her actions have ultimately helped the company achieve growth and success and show her dedication to the R - Results Matter core value.

Ana Salas is an employee that completes her job duties at such a high level of excellence that it allows those around her to do the same. She has great customer service, detailed follow up with instructions, and high attention to detail that helps the team follow her lead. Her work ethic has earned her the L - Lead by Example award.

Talia Canales Leads by Example with her helpful attitude. She goes above and beyond to help train her teammates on more efficient ways to complete their daily tasks when the warehouse is busy or trying to meet a deadline. Talia is always kind and will lend a helping hand and her team appreciates her willingness to support them.

Natalie Arno is a team leader that truly embodies the V - Value Everyone award. Her leadership fosters positive discussions that bring efficient and safe changes to the daily operations of her team. Each of her team members come to her for her knowledge and expertise and truly value her opinion because she values her team and fosters a positive work environment.