Cheers for Peers June 2021


Alexis Fallen is always encouraging and a great team mate. The brokerage team can rely on her to go above and beyond not only has a top broker, but with other administrative tasks as well. Her presence on the team and willingness to help has earned her the V-Value Everyone Award.

Lisa Boelter has earned the R-Results Matter award because of her dedication to meeting team goals. She is readily available to help any member of the brokerage team as we strive to meet our results. Her deep knowledge of the industry and each of the accounts, in combination with her positive attitude is remarkable to not only the team, but also the customers as she interacts with each of them.

Jonathan Jentlie understands that timing is essential to our claims process. He has been extremely helpful in even the busiest of times and recently helped the claims team get a CVO in an operable truck the same day, and the inoperable unit to repair the very next day. He is willing to work together to achieve excellent end results operationally, and has earned the R-Results Matter award.

Jake Tarpley is always helpful and quick to respond to even the smallest of IT needs. He truly values his teammates and other colleagues and their time by solving many little things each of us may take for granted. He has earned the V - Value Everyone award.