Cheers for Peers June 2022


Jim Ralston has been part of the Brown family for over 20 years and in that time, he has worn many hats. Currently as the Orientation and Training Manager in Lithonia, Jim ensures that all CVOs are properly trained and comfortable with Brown’s policies and procedures. He treats everyone with respect, always maintaining a professional and friendly attitude, while being willing to help with anything that may arise. We are proud to present Jim the L-Lead by Example award.

Donna Buffkin ensures that every person that works for her is held to the highest standard for safety, quality, and efficiency. She provides excellent feedback and encouragement and rewards her employees for their accountability, hard work, and innovative ideas. Her leadership has shown that she truly believes Results Matter and we are happy to present her the corresponding award.

Kyle Ford always has a positive attitude and a commitment to doing his job well. These traits have allowed his peers to feel confident that the loads he plans for their CVOs are the best for the CVOs and for Brown’s operation. He truly Values Everyone and has earned the corresponding award.

Jerri Duncan has done an outstanding job communicating specific customer needs to fleet managers, helping build loads and making sure the accounts are managed thoroughly and efficiently. She is always pleasant and a wonderful addition to the team. Jerri has earned the V-Value Everyone award.