Cheers for Peers March 2021


Carlos De La Vega goes above and beyond every single day. His peers have taken notice of his initiative, willingness to help and attention to detail in daily tasks and follow suit. His natural ability and positive attitude have a ripple effect through the warehouse. This is Carlos’ second nomination and a well-earned L-Lead by Example award.

Ruthie Rodriguez’s teammates have at least a half dozen reasons why she is a great asset to their team. She always lends a helping hand, has a sense of urgency, and provides quality work with a positive attitude. We are proud to recognize her dedication with the R-Results Matter award.

Jeff George has also been praised by our customer for his help and hard work on projects that impact the quality provided to THEIR customers! He was always willing to help and moved machines back and forth but always maintained an awesome disposition. We are glad to present the V-Value Everyone award to him.

Every team needs an employee like Anna Santiago. Anna makes sure everyone is knowledgeable and comfortable with their duties and helps with tasks across the warehouse floor. She goes above and beyond for her coworkers and has offered rides home during a snowstorm and has even shared a meal in a time of need. Her servant spirit makes her an obvious team leader and it is a pleasure to award her the L-Lead by Example award.