Cheers for Peers March 2021


Laverne Willis takes her Customer Service Representative role very seriously. Recently, she received accolades from our customer praising her professionalism and diligence during a difficult period for them. Her attention to detail allowed our customer an additional insight to their inventory, which helped increased their level of customer service to their customer. Her work as earned her the V-Value Everyone award.

Timothy Mullins is an effortlessly skilled employee. He arrives early, follows the rules, keeps his workstation tidy, faces obstacles head on and never complains. This quiet leadership sets a tone for the team and he has earned the L-Lead by Example award.

Megan Meadows-Winkler has recently spent extra time, effort, and initiative to help the sales team with training and pricing as they upgrade their processes. Her time has helped provide another team with a valuable viewpoint of a process they would not normally be part of, thus saving time, reducing error and costs, as well as improving communication across teams. This is Megan’s second nomination and well-deserved L-Lead by Example addition to her trophy!

Tim Warrington knows some projects take ‘all hands-on deck’ to be successful. He recently helped a new account start up and spent countless hours talking to associates, vendors, support personnel, and always asking, “What else can I do to help you?” even if it meant getting on a forklift! We appreciate Tim’s dedication and are very pleased to award him the V-Value Everyone award.